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CTBS Certification

AATB offers a program for Certification of Tissue Banking Personnel.  The Certified Tissue Bank Specialist Examination tests candidates on their knowledge in the following areas of tissue banking including, but not limited to, donor suitability determination, tissue recovery, tissue processing, decontamination techniques, quality control and product testing, labeling, record-keeping, and clinical application of allografts.  The examination is based upon the AATB Standards and associated regulatory requirements for tissue banking.

***It has been brought to the attention of the AATB that some independent companies have created study guides, practice tests and flash cards intended to help candidates prepare for the AATB CTBS exam. These documents are not endorsed by the AATB, and many of the test answers included in the material are incorrect. The AATB Executive Office would like to remind CTBS exam candidates that only the materials directly provided by the association are AATB-approved.